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Paris M


Thinks these things are too vein, but knows people want to know more about the owner. Started with a love of creative business ideas as a child, partcipated in DECA in high school, started a few companies, simply loves helping people grow. 

Our Story

Our story is simple enough, JCPi  begun as a solution for small-business owners who needed access to resources and information too cost-prohibitive for grass-root companies. We love what we do- it's second nature. Years before establishing the company, members of JCPi  strategized and offered advice for free, wanting to challenge ourselves and our knowledge we expanded. Learning from the triumphs and tragedies of businesses large and small, we carefully curated JCPi's suite of services to be balanced and equitably accessible to companies of all sizes.

Our Team

Our Approach

Didier Delsalle, the first and only person to land the 28,030 ft.  summit of Everest via helicopter to date. Our approach to business development is the same as Delsalle's approach to getting to the top Everest; it's never been done before, we take extremely calculated measures, and our experience gives us unique insight to the ideal conditions for a successful landing. 

e is 

Us in Numbers

62.5% increase in profits

Clients’ Income during the Last Quarter


Industry Awards

3 Continents

Business Partners spanning 3 continents and growing


Years of Experience

We’ve Been Covered

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